As we all know, all animals have to feed to survive and their ability to use their teeth or jaws is crucial to this, while other animals feed on grass, others feed on other animals. So one can conclude that those with the most powerful bites or jaws tend to sit atop the food chain across their various habitats. This bite force is expressed as pounds per square inch, which is a pound of force applied to the surface area of one square inch or in short form PSI. So this week we at WORLDRANKINGS wish to present to you the animals with the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom.


#10. LION (650 PSI)


For the 10th spot on our list we have the Lion at 650 PSI which might come as a shock to you but lions have some of the relatively weakest bites in the cat family.They are popularly known as the kings of the jungle and tend to hunt in a group that consist of other lions known as a pride. Research by scientists suggests that due to the social nature of Lions they don’t need that much of a powerful bite force to take down their prey due to the fact that they hunt in groups. Their main prey consists of zebra giraffes, gazelles and other small animals.Lions are currently native to only Africa but there are records which suggest that they existed on other continents before they were poached to exctintion there.



For the 9th spot on our list, we have the Grizzly Bear, also known as the North American Brown Bear, which has a bite force of 975 PSI. They are highly aggressive and territorial creatures which such a strong bite force that is powerful enough to break a bowling ball. Their prey and diet mostly consist of elks, moose deer and fish such as trout and salmon. They weigh on average between 130kg to 360kg with the males weighing more.

They are native mostly to North America and were heavily feared and respected by the indigenous native Americans in the olden days such that no man was allowed to hunt a bear alone but must hunt with a group which consists of about 5-10 men.

#8. BENGAL TIGER (1050 PSI).


For the 8th spot on our list, we have the Bengal Tiger, also known as the Royal Bengal Tiger, which has a bite force of 1050 PSI, which is almost double that of Lions. They are native to the Indian Subcontinent and are known for their highly ferocious appearance and aggressive nature.

Unlike its African counterpart, the Bengal tiger is a solitary animal, preferring to hunt and live alone rather than in groups like Lions. its main prey are water buffaloes, wild boar and peafowl. It is also known to have to the longest canine teeth of all cats in the cat family measuring up to 3 inches.



For the 7th spot on our list, we have the Spotted Hyena, also popularly known as the Laughing Hyena, which has a bite force of 1100 PSI. When hyenas make a successful kill, they eat everything, with nothing left to waste, including bones and hooves. This is made possible due to their powerful jaws and bite, which has the ability to crush bones and sear flesh from prey. They are native to Sub-Saharan Africa. they on average weigh 40.5kg to 63.9kg, with the females weighing considerably more than the males.

Contrary to popular belief, hyenas are highly successful skilled hunters that make their own kills, though they sometimes scavenge should the occasion arise, due to them being highly opportunistic animals. Hyenas hunt in groups called packs which can sometimes number up to 60 hyenas. Their usual prey/ diet comprises springboks, gazelles, and zebras.



For the 6th spot, we have the Polar bear which has a bite force of 1200 PSI. They are native to the Arctic. On average, Polar Bears weigh between 150kg to 700kg, with the males being larger.

Polar bears are hyper-carnivorous, this is because, unlike other bears which consume both flora and fauna, polar bears are exclusively meat eaters and therefore they have the most powerful bite amongst all bear species. Their primary prey and diet comprise the walrus, seal and beluga whales.

#5. GORRILA(1300 PSI).


For the 5th spot on our list, we have the Gorilla which has a bite force of 1300 PSI. They are native to the forests of Central Africa. On average, they weigh between 100-260kg.

Unlike other animals in this list which use their powerful teeth to kill and devour prey, the Gorilla uses its powerful bite force to chew down heavy roots, nuts barks and other fibrous foods, this is because the Gorilla is a herbivore and only feeds on vegetation. The powerful bite force of Gorillas is generated from its strong and large back and also its powerful jaws.

#4. JAGUAR(1500 PSI).


For the 4th spot on our list, we have the Jaguar, which has a bite force of 1500 PSI. its native to South American Jungle and is the largest cat species there and third largest in the world. They have a weight range of between 57-96kg.

Unlike other wild cats, which go straight for the jugular when trying to kill its prey, the jaguar uses its powerful jaws and bite for crushing the skull of its victims, thus wounding the brain. The biting force of the jaguar is so powerful that it can bite through the shell of turtles and tortoises.



For the 3rd spot on our list, we have the Hippopotamus, which has a bite force of 1820 PSI. Its name in ancient Greek means “river horse“. They are native to the lakes and rivers of Africa and are the 3rd largest living mammal on earth. They have an average weight range of between 1300-1500kg, with the males growing far larger than the females. Their diet consists mostly of vegetation like grass.

Hippos are known to be highly territorial and aggressive animals and are responsible for the most deaths by wild animals in Africa.They are widely known for their enormous jaws which can open up to 150-180 degrees and have large teeth which can grow up to 50cm in length. Their bite force and jaws are so powerful that it can crush watermelons in one bite and tearing apart a full grown crocodile.



For the 2nd spot on our list we have the Great White Shark which has a bite force of up to 3500 PSI. they are native to most coastal waters but have greater concentrations in American, Australian and South African waters. On average, they weigh between 522-771kg.

Contrary to popular belief, the bite force of Great White aren’t all similar and are highly dependent on size. So in 2008 a group of scientists were able to develop a detailed X-ray model of a shark using a computer modelling software and were able to come to the conclusion that a 21 foot shark would deliver approximately 3500 PSI of bite force.



For the 1st spot on our list, we have the Saltwater Crocodile, which delivers a devastating bite force of up to 3700 PSI. They are native to saltwater habitats all from Eastern India to Northern Australia. they are the largest reptiles on Earth. On average they weigh between 1000-1300kg with the male being larger.

The Saltwater Crocodile has the honour of being recognised as the animal with the highest bite force ever tested in a laboratory. This amazing bite force is because of the extremely large muscles which it has in its jaws. They are easily visible as bugles on each side of the skull if one looks. Funnily enough saltwater crocodiles have extremely powerful muscles in their jaws for clamping/killing down of prey..including sharks, but extremely weak muscles to open the jaws, thus one can easily shut their mouth tight with duct tape.

This brings us to the end of this week’s episode of WORLDRANKINGS. I hope you enjoyed it. Which of the animals below is your favourite and which of them have you had the chance to encounter please let us know in the comment section below.

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